The Adapt IT Ethics Line

Adapt IT abides by a strict culture of transparency, and has launched a toll free Ethic Line to blow the whistle on dishonest behaviour. We believe that every action has a reaction, for all our stakeholders - and that the ripples of economic crime reach everyone.


Ethical principles for staff

  • Perform your duties with honesty and integrity
  • Treat people with respect, fairness and courtesy
  • Accept accountability for your actions and decisions
  • Behave in a way which is above reproach
  • Comply with the rules, procedures and regulations of the company,
    and laws of the country
  • Use company information for the purpose for which it is intended
  • Do not misuse assets/property of the company, its customers or suppliers
  • Declare conflicts of interest or potential conflicts of interests
  • Refuse any gift that could be regarded as exerting undue influence

Meeting stakeholders' expectations

At Adapt IT, we know that sustainable revenue, profit growth, and return on investment is driven by fair labour practices and good corporate citizenship. We pride ourselves on our strict adherence to legislation, and commitment to fair and sustainable business practices. The launch of our ethics hotline, for all stakeholders, is just another way Adapt IT is facilitating continued growth and sound long-term relationships.