Our comprehensive portfolio of solutions includes end user support and end user training, application management, enhancements, changes and other services

It is vital in today’s business environment to meet the ever-changing needs of human capital departments, to increase productivity and maintain operational and financial results.

Small, medium and big business must tackle escalating service level demands, budgetary limitations and other challenges in order to effectively provide outstanding service performance.

Utilising SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) Support Services, Adapt IT is focused on tackling these challenges to uncover new business opportunities.

Save time and money by collaborating with our expert team.

Partner with us to add value to your Human Capital Management solution and to get the most out of your investment. From end-user support of an existing SAP Human Capital Management system through to management of your SAP application landscape we will provide the tools to make your Human Capital Management solution work easily and efficiently, assisting your business to reach its full potential.

You can rely on our experience and depth of expertise to efficiently optimise your Human Capital Management business and to create a connection between the end-user and the consultant. Through our vast experience we recognise that dealing with payroll issues is exceptionally time sensitive. To this end our support team is available for emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for priority 1 calls.​

We view you and your business as a business partner, not just an IT customer.

What we can offer your business:

We provide application management and vital support to SAP HCM environments, we handle incidents, change and configure with tried and trusted Run-SAP Approach and ITIL Compliance Tool.

  • End user support and training
  • Application management, enhancements and changes
  • Monitor and advise on legal and tax changes
  • Application audits
  • HCM process optimisation
  • On-going transfer of knowledge
  • Help desk support and facilities
  • Support Services post-implementation:
    • We have rigid quality standards and once an implementation is complete, our support team is required to assess the quality of the finished product before we Go Live.
    • The support team ensures that the system is optimised in accordance with the required policies and procedures. This team is made up of HCM end-user specialists, and so have the expertise to accurately assess the system.
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