Adapt IT has the flexibility to offer you either a SAP Human Capital Management solution tailored to your business needs or to provide you with the tried and tested approach, our proven SAP Human Capital Management African template – providing cheaper, faster implementations.

Adapt IT, from years of experience implementing Human Capital Management solutions recognises that many companies have previously had concerns regarding SAP Implementations, due to cost restraints, concerns that the system could not grow and evolve with the changing needs of business.

To this end, we have streamlined and improved on our implementations and employ highly competent, experienced consultants, so that the risks are controlled and managed effectively.

Today’s economic climate demands faster, cheaper alternatives – with less risk.

Adapt IT is committed to meeting the goals of the market, and is doing so in the following ways:

  • ​Our implementation approach reduces time by utilising pre-existing templates, accelerators and is based on the Accelerated SAP (ASAP) Focus methodology
  • We have invested in the development and deployment of a template implementation approach, bringing about more predictability and effectively reducing risks - as the template consists of pre-documented blueprints, training manuals and other documents
  • A pre-configured, working SAP system.
  • Pre-existing templates can be implemented on-premise or in the SAP HCM Spectrum implementation.
So in essence, traditional or template, a successful implementation is now no longer pie-in-the-sky and can be easily realised with Adapt IT.


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