Get the capabilities to effect great business decisions through analysis of multiple points of data and by monitoring vital personnel metrics.

For over 12 years, Adapt IT has assisted companies to uncover answers that were previously locked away in data. We can help your organisation obtain the capabilities it needs to effect strategic business decisions through analysis of multiple points of data and by monitoring vital personnel metrics.

The PeopleFluent-Aquire tool utilises proven planning and analytics methods to provide you with the following:

  • The most optimal structure for your organisation after an acquisition
  • Highest areas of employee turnover in the company
  • Optimise restructuring decisions
  • Risk areas in the organisation
  • Succession planning – Do you have sufficient successors for management?
  • How to get accurate organisational charts and reporting for the company
  • How to retain more high-performing employees

Renowned globally for quickly and easily generating the most flexible org charts, it can also:

  • Produce detailed charts that include relevant, actionable information to assist you to make great business decisions
  • Feature extensive security measures so that only official staff are able to access confidential information
  • Present you with a clear view of your employee intelligence, uncovering the answers you need to make great business decisions.

Cleanse and maintain data to optimise outcomes:

Cleanse and maintain your workforce data to optimise business outcomes. Utilise the Integrity solution’s integrative data cleansing tools to pin-point and eliminate obstructions caused by bad data, which will negatively affect the success of your HR programme and can significantly impair the outcome of HR system migrations and installations, RIFs, reorganisations, M&As, on-boarding, talent movement, payroll updates, compliance requirements and more.

Collaboratively automate and accelerate organisational change:

The Modelling solution makes it possible for you to collaborate with others on a variety of workforce planning, business budgeting and other scenarios, giving you the foresight to select the one that will bring about the most favorable result. By previewing potential changes in a copy of your most current organisational chart first, you’ll see the outcomes of your various options before you commit to a particular initiative.

HCM-related pipeline analytics reporting enables decision-making:

Enable an organisation's decision makers to focus on monitoring workforce performance, analysing key workforce trends and making strategic decisions that enhance the efficiency and profitability of the company. Insight comes with pre-defined reporting and analytics together with the ability to customise and further add value.

Aquire InSight Executive is designed with a “Business First” approach enabling you to track the key performance indicators (KPIs) related to your company’s strategic business goals in the highly-visual and easy-to-use format that executives not only prefer—but demand, on your iPad.​​​​​

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