The complexity of enterprise systems and the investment required in infrastructure and specialised skills to implement and support them, has made partnering with the right solution provider a key success factor.

The task of managing your company's workforce, although largely administrative demands the most accurate and up-to-date data.

SAP Human Capital Management provided by Adapt IT is an integrated approach that allows for exceptional human capital management - forecasting, planning and hiring of the most skilful candidates and growing these skills by managing this talent.

Traditionally, the expense of employing a specialist team to implement, host and maintain a world-class system had prevented many companies from utilising these capabilities. Added to this, the value of the system is only realised a full year after implantation.

Offered by Adapt IT, the SAP HCM ‘Solution-as-a-Service’ enables companies to have access to SAP HCM as a pay-asyou-go service – with no upfront investment capital needed for your infrastructure or software requirements.

This means that small to medium companies, who due to cost restraints were unable to access SAP HCM can now utilise the fl exibility of the solution – allowing the HCM solution to grow and change in line with your changing business and while leveraging tax benefits.

HCM Spectrum has the capabilities to provide your business with a tailored Human Capital Management and payroll solution specifi c to your business needs. Through the seamless integration of SAP certified tools, it delivers an enhanced experience and exceptional results.


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