Make the world of HCM faster and easier with Adapt IT’s range of tools that increase productivity and streamline processes

Adapt IT is the exclusive distributor for SpinifexIT Productivity Suite of tools easy through Africa. Developed for global use but integrated to meet local needs, these SAP certified tools will streamline your processes and make your business more productive.

Get to grips with the benefits that the Easy Suite of tools provides:

Easy Reporter. Providing flexible automated reporting

  • Reduce ABAP costs and productivity losses
  • Regardless of skill level, employee will always provide the right answer – the first time.
  • Complete annual HCM/ Payroll aspects of audits faster
  • Enable HR & Payroll employee to deliver on their responsibilities faster
  • Control and answer requests for information in minutes
  • Systematic, detailed and quicker testing of SAP transport changes reduces your risks.
  • Control the distribution of information to key decision makers

Easy Helpdesk. Exceptional service and immediate productivity

  • Save time and allow employee of all levels to be more productive.
  • Significantly reduce the time it takes for query resolution – between 20 – 80% dependent on the scenario
  • Employees of all levels can resolve queries accurately and quickly regardless of skill level
  • Better query resolution, the first time with fewer escalations, by limiting the time spent and eradication of additional employee involvement
  • Exceptional turn-around time. New users can be up and running in just 3 hours

Easy Documents. Streamline services to provide better quality service and cut down on costs

  • Automated document creation and controlled distribution to various email addresses
  • Complex government forms can be completed with ease
  • Automated administration improve service quality and cuts down on salary cost waste

Easy Documents simplifies your processes by providing:

  • Reminders and notifications
  • Monthly management reports
  • UI19 unemployment forms
  • Salary increase letters
  • Employee appointment forms and contract extensions
  • Retirement fund & Benefit fund returns; etc.

Easy Clone. Improved risk control and better training.

  • A more systematic testing programme in the live system effectively reduces risk and prevents incorrect payments leading to employee discontent and industrial action.
  • Save time with faster; easier; and more effective data copying.
  • Better training and easier transfer of knowledge

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