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When the right skills and talents are carefully matched to the requirements of the job, individual and company performance soars. That is why it is so important to utilise the services of a specialist recruitment company that intimately understands the fast moving and dynamic ICT sector where technology is moving at a rapid pace.


In this competitive economy, we remove the guesswork from the recruitment process by attracting and placing talented ICT individuals with outstanding educational and professional backgrounds at suitable and leading organisations.

Our customers are both the candidates and the companies seeking skills. We guarantee a personal commitment to ensure that all aspects of the selection and placement process are optimised to the benefit of both parties.

Customers can rest assure that our recruitment offers a dedicated and personal service based on our extensive ICT-knowledge, rapid response and long-term relationships.

We constantly review our approach to ensure we keep ahead of today’s need for holistic evaluation. Equal emphasis is placed on precise technical skills together with the personal qualities and aspirations of the individual.

Our service includes identifying and screening candidates. We strive to offer, within the recruitment timelines, a shortlist of the most suitable candidates. We then continue to assist with the optimum matching of individuals to temporary or contract positions. Our long standing customers can attest to our excellence in this regard and they have become our strongest champions.

Key to our success is our recruitment consultants who are highly skilled, ICT-focussed and importantly have access to an extensive network of IT professionals that has been developed through years of intensive relationship building.


Customer Benefits
Dedicated ICT Experts - Employers who have chosen our service are working with a team of experts specialising in the ICT industry
Adding Value - With professionalism as a core value, we seek to place a candidate who will add value to the workplace
Successful Working Relationships - Our careful placement of candidates ensures that the employee/employer relationship will continue to flourish long after the selection process
Structured Recruitment Process - Our recruitment process follows a number of clear steps that safeguard and validate the selection of both a candidate and prospective employer
Expectations Fulfilled - We are mindful that fulfilling the customer’s expectations always promotes trust and long standing relationships
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Customer Stories
  • Standard Bank of South Africa's Corporate and Investment Banking division partnered with Adapt IT for the implementation of a reporting solution that now enables the bank to generate reports to fulfil its reporting requirements in terms of the regulatory requirements that are underpinned by the Basel II accord.
  • Adapt IT assisted African Bank put in place a data warehouse that delivers tailored business intelligence to approximately 800 mid-tier administration and management staff that service the financial organisation`s 1.2 million strong customer base.