If you are responsible for factory performance at a raw sugar factory or a refinery you understand the value of accurate, real-time information from the factory floor. You know the importance of monitoring and controlling the variables that affect production efficiency, material losses and product quality throughout your production process. You need to ensure effective management of your Weighbridges, Cane Testing and Factory Laboratories, delivering real-time information when and where it is needed most.
Adapt IT’s CaneLab application is an innovative product designed to effectively manage your Factory and Cane Testing Laboratory. Specifically developed with leading sugar technologists and experienced laboratory software developers to meet the unique requirements of the Sugar Industry, CaneLab can help you improve quality, accuracy and control through simplified and repeatable laboratory testing methodologies.
  • CaneLab Weighbridge
    Automatic recording of tonnages and loads in the Weighbridge module ensures more accurate information is stored in the database. This, along with other cane delivery data captured into the system, is immediately available to cane supply management, providing improved control of the cane deliveries by grower, haulier or area. This allows deliveries to be more streamlined and accurately monitored.
  • CaneLab Cane Testing
    The Cane Testing Module has been specifically written to address the requirement for strict independence between the grower and the miller who is paying for cane supply. Through our robust access control, full dynamic auditing, and clear understanding of the business, we have ensured that growers and millers can trust the calculation of payments no matter what the payment rules. The Cane Testing module provides for a process to track cane samples through to the production stages.
  • CaneLab Factory Laboratory
    The Factory Laboratory module enhances the chemical control in the factory from the extraction plant to the molasses scales providing improved, accurate and reliable data. This software is suitable for both raw house and back end refineries, operating independently or as a unit.
  • CaneLab Factory Performance Dashboard
    The dashboard functionality delivers up-to-date data, graphs and trends, allowing management to monitor factory performance from their desktop or anywhere via a web browser. ​​​​​​
Customer Benefits
Real-Time Reporting From the Factory Floor - Take immediate action that can cut costs and improve throughput.
Cut Losses - Match raw material inputs to production outputs to find where losses occur. Then, nip them in the bud to increase profits.
Increase Production - With information about production efficiency at your fingertips, you’ll have the insight to revise how you work, cut out bottlenecks, and drive production forward.
Fewer Errors - Automating the way measurements are collected and analysed eliminates transcription and calculation errors.
Improve Weighbridge Security – Complete control of cane deliveries, to eliminate erroneous data capture.
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Customer Stories
  • Gledhow “On behalf of the Gledhow Finance team, I would like to thank you for the very professional and courteous manner in which you handle on-site support. Your effort in going beyond normal requirements to ensure smooth operations has not gone unnoticed”.
    Hans Killian Jeevanath – Financial Accountant at Gledhow Sugar Company (Pty) Ltd.
  • LSR “ I would like to take this opportunity to express my heart felt appreciation for the wonderful work AdaptIT has done. Each member of the AdaptIT team has been an absolute delight, very positive and a pleasure to work with; I’m very proud to call them friends and esteemed colleagues”.
    Scott MacKenzie – LSR Sugar