Adapt IT Education’s complete solution for Education Management.

ICAS® manages the student from enquiry to registration, through to graduation and beyond.

Increase your institutions’ efficiency and staff productivity with ICAS®. ICAS® is a complete campus solution with a modular design that is easy to implement.

ICAS® optimises workflow and co-operation between your administration, academic, finance and sales functions with one reliable and easy-to-use solution.  Each module can be enabled or disabled depending on your institution’s requirements, allowing you to shape and build your own fully integrated education management system.
Improve the security of your information through managing user accessibility and controlling user access to confidential information. Streamline and automate your processes, improving efficiency, while reducing potential debt with the ICAS® finance modules.

ICAS® assists with your legislative compliance through the built-in Edu.Dex and EDLES upload functionality.
Make use of the value-added support through the hosted option through Adapt IT solution.

For more information about how ICAS® can assist you, please contact us at Tel: +27 10 494 0667.