Customer Benefits
Improved Compliance to Safety Standards – Built-in intelligence and rules ensure that all formal safety procedures are catered for and hazards are correctly identified
Enhanced Control and Visibility of Permits to Work – Complete visibility of the permit-to-work process is provided which puts management back in control of safety
A Safer Work Environment – Simple effective tools provide for reporting and investigating incidents, monitoring corrective actions, and communicating learning points across the organisation
Improved Plant Communications – The system is built on a highly flexible information platform for capturing and reporting on day to day plant operations
Reduced Downtime – The software provides for escalation of overdue tasks, fault diagnostics, and advanced scheduling of maintenance tasks, thereby reducing downtime
More Efficient Maintenance Processes – The feature rich maintenance management module supports proactive and reactive maintenance strategies
Reduced Cost of Accidents – The system reduces the risk of safety incidents by preventing unauthorised work, and ensuring competent and trained people perform the tasks
Continuous Learning and Improvement – The software provides on-going refreshment and reinforcement of learning, helping users to maintain vigilance
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Customer Stories
  • “IntelliPERMIT has reinforced our emphasis on safety, and is helping drive discipline around training and accurate, efficient record-keeping,”
    Scott Saunders, Ore processing superintendent at GEMCO, Australia
  • “FlexiLOG was an obvious choice, both from a quality system perspective and for ease of use”
    Manoj Ram, Operations Manager at Resinkem, South Africa
  • “We use the system for tracking and managing all SHEQ-related activities, scheduling and monitoring tasks and inspections, analysing production patterns, and even conducting risk assessments. The system is user-friendly and rich in functionality.”
    Lorraine Mudaly, SHEQ manager at NCP Alcohols, South Africa
  • “A complex process plant like ours requires a reliable system like OptiRUN to schedule work and keep secure records. The system enables us to identify equipment that is uneconomical and to plan for its replacement, identify training needs for our employees, and generate accurate, up-to-date reports ready for analysis at any time.”
    Pascal Petiot, Factory Executive Officer at TPC, Tanzania