Technology Expense Management (TEM)

Adapt IT TEM team have delivered decades of successful solutions into organisations and thus have proven methodologies to deliver against your strategic technology intent. We have the knowledge and experience to help you understand your technology, telecommunications, and cloud services. We believe in transferring our knowledge to your team so they are well equipped to manage, control and optimise your organisations technology expenses.

From our inception as a provider of telephony expense management, we have evolved into a provider of comprehensive solutions and services that deliver deep insight into telephony and technology strategies.

Our niche focus and broad experience across diverse industries gives us an incisive understanding of telephony and technology architectures, utilisation patterns and performance areas allowing our Technology Expense solutions to create visibility, manage spend and optimise your technology choices.​

Customer Benefits

Expense Management

  • Automated identification & alerts on billing inaccuracies
  • Automated Rule based approval & validation
  • Automated Allocation, Distribution & Recovery
  • Vendor Contract Compliance & Governance
  • Invoice Approval, Suspension & Cancellation of services
  • Workflow Integration with financial systems

Mobility Management

  • Managing misuse of mobility devices: COPE, BYOD & CYOD
  • Allocating & reporting of devices, packages, VAS & bundles.
  • Analysing international, roaming and APN usage
  • Defining acceptable usage policy, recovery models & integrations with financial systems.
  • Recommending & optimising packages based on trends
  • Using smart notifications to reduce spend

Usage Management

  • Driving usage analytics & composition awareness
  • Analysis of business personal usage
  • Creating capacity, route & vendor optimisation
  • Identifying zero usage & low usage services
  • Pre-threshold notificati0ns & over-limit alerts
  • Forensic exploration of detail usage

Device Management

  • Maintaining a central inventory & tracking of technology devices
  • Managing allocation, availability & depreciation of devices
  • Integrating with your financial systems
  • Accurate recovery of these devices
  • Considering buyback of devices



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