Adapt IT Timetabling is aware that increasing demands are placed on the more efficient use of expensive and scarce resources, while at the same time maintaining or improving the class timetable to enhance the learning experience of the students. Furthermore the specific needs of academic personnel must also be taken into consideration. Examination timetables must attempt to provide the best possible spread of a student’s examination sessions to maximise learning time between exams.
The CELCAT Timetabler suite of products includes:
  • Timetabler
  • Timetabler Live
  • Timetabler Automation
    • Timetabler Course Scheduler
    • Timetabler Exam Scheduler
  • Timetabler Attendance
  • Timetabler Pay Claim
  • Timetabler Utilities
    • Timetabler Room Booker
    • Timetabler Web Publisher
    • Timetabler Autocal
    • Timetabler Notification Services

​​ ​​​

Customer Benefits
Time Saving - Reduced time spent on creating lecturing and examination timetables
Cost Saving - Maximise use of resources
Zero Clashes - Timetables are generated efficiently ensuring there are no clashes in the lecturing and examination timetables
Improved staff and student satisfaction – Ensures better spread
Interfaces with ITS Integrator – Available data can be downloaded and the timetable uploaded
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