The National University of Rwanda (NUR) has signed a contract with ITS Tertiary Software for the provision and implementation of the ITS Integrator software suite for higher education. The Integrator Student Management, Financial Management, Human Resources Management and Payroll systems will form part of the project to be implemented at the university's campus in Butare, Rwanda.

“NUR currently operates an ICT approach, which is based on modular and ad hoc processes, where individual software solutions have been procured or tailor-made to solve specific problems,” says NUR Project Manager, Raymond Ndikumana. “This has led to the poor performance of existing systems, a lack of systems integration, and the absence of systems in some areas, making it difficult to produce timeous and accurate management information necessary for a quickly expanding university like NUR. Therefore, we decided to implement the ITS Integrator suite, not only to solve specific operational challenges, but also to support an improved level of business management at NUR,” says Ndikumana.

“The ITS Integrator suite is a good product and comes internationally recommended. The beauty of the system is that it is tailor-made for tertiary education practices and operations, contrary to many other ERP systems,” explains Ndikumana.

The project commenced in July, and includes a verification of requirements and business process mapping phase, the technical installation of the Oracle database and related products, as well as installation of the Integrator product suite. The initial modules of the student management system will go live in November 2011, and the final phases of the project will be concluded by June 2012.

ITS, together with university staff, will be responsible for system configuration, which will take place in both SA and Rwanda, with end-user training being provided on-site in Butare by ITS consultants.

“The ITS Integrator suite will enable the university to operate for the first time from a fully integrated business management system, which will allow executives to make informed decisions based on the latest available management information,” says ITS marketing and sales manager, Frans van den Berg.

“The university will operate on state-of-the-art technology, both hardware as well as software, and the implementation of the ITS Integrator product set will eliminate the need for interfaces between core business applications, making information seamlessly available upon data entry,” Van Den Berg explains.

“The use of the Integrator iEnabler self-service applications will allow students and staff access to their own information, eliminating the need to obtain information from a third party within the institution. The use of the Student iEnabler will also allow students to apply and register online, eliminating the long queues associated with these administrative processes in the past,” he says.

“Overall, the university will benefit from a system that is upgraded on a regular basis, and has been implemented at higher education institutions all over the world. The ITS User Group also offers an ideal opportunity for the university to contribute towards future system enhancements,” says Van Den Berg.

“I am very positive and pleased with the progress and implementation of the project so far,” says Ndikumana. “The university rector and all the top management have been very supportive of the process, and are very keen to see the project live. I am happy that the ITS consultants have managed to adapt to the Rwandan environment and understand our specific needs on the project, and I am sure we will complete the project in 2012 without problems,” he says.

ITS has implemented the ITS Integrator suite at more than 50 higher and further education institutions in 13 countries. ITS Holdings is a subsidiary of the JSE-listed Adapt IT Group, and provides software solutions to the higher and further education sectors.

ITS Holdings

ITS Holdings has a wide range of offerings to choose from, which can be tailored to suit both financial and business objectives. These range from software development, business consulting and training, to outsourcing of people. Adapt IT Holdings (, a leading independent technology solutions and services company, partnered with ITS Holdings, as both have product and service offerings that are mutually complementary, and which can be of benefit to each others' clients in their respective markets.

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The Adapt IT group has 260 staff throughout SA, and conducts business through three subsidiaries: Adapt IT Solutions, Apply IT and ITS Holdings. Adapt IT has customers across SA, East Africa, Australasia and Europe. Its subsidiary companies provide a range of specialised IT solutions and services to customers in sectors including manufacturing, mining, education, financial services and the public sector.


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