The University of Johannesburg (UJ) experienced a very successful registration period this year using the ITS Integrator Student iEnabler self-service system. Since the opening of the registration period on 10 January 2011, more than 46 000 students registered with UJ; 43 000 of these students registered online using the Web-based Student iEnabler system.

This year UJ registered over 5 000 students online in one given day. At one point, 105 students simultaneously registered online within a five-minute period. On average, it took a student approximately five minutes to complete the online registration process.

Positive feedback from UJ staff was received regarding the stability of the Student iEnabler system, as well as the support provided by ITS during the registration period.

“Student registration is always a taxing time for any educational establishment, and stretches resources and systems in all departments,” commented Tinus van Zyl of the University of Johannesburg. “We refined our online registration process over the last two years and achieved an 86% online registration in 2010. The target for 2011 was 90% and 95% was achieved by 16:00 on Saturday 29 January,” added Van Zyl. “The software investment that we made has been more than justified, in that this was our smoothest year ever, from a registration perspective.”

The ITS Integrator iEnabler systems allow students and staff fast and quick access to their information through user-friendly, browser-based applications. Access can be gained either over the Internet or the Intranet of the institution through secure logons, making these self-service applications widely available to their respective target audiences. The system allows for data entering and validation by the end-user, resulting in data ownership and higher levels of data accuracy. Automated routing for notification is done. A facility to publish surveys/questionnaires as well as a request for information/service in categories as defined by the institution is available on all the ITS Integrator iEnablers.

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