Heartland Leasing boosts site safety with ApplyIT’s SmartSURE
Heartland Offices

AECI subsidiary Heartland Leasing has boosted the safety, health, environmental and quality (SHE-Q) management of the company’s industrial site operations through the extension of ApplyIT’s software solution SmartSURE to its Modderfontein site.

Heartland Leasing is responsible for managing land, physical assets and utilities for South African chemicals group AECI.

SmartSURE is a user-friendly system for the tracking and management of all SHE-Q-related tasks and activities, ranging from statutory inspections to procedures, tasks arising from on-site health and safety meetings or corrective actions arising from incident investigations.

The system has been in place at the company’s Umbogintwini site, originally known as Umbogintwini Operations Services, for the past nine years. Its success in delivering direct benefits to the Umbogintwini site, monitoring and scheduling the efficient management of industrial services for 15 different operating companies on site, including effluent treatment, boiler station operation and storage facilities for hazardous chemicals, led to the extension of the system to Heartland’s Modderfontein site in May.

“As a leasing operation of land and buildings as opposed to the fully fledged services and assets leasing operation in Umbogintwini, the Modderfontein site required only the actions/task manager module within SmartSURE to enable accurate tracking of building inspections on our sites,” says Anthony Arokium, loss control manager at Heartland Leasing’s Umbogintwini Site.

“Leasing properties to tenants involves specific responsibilities regarding the physical structure and integrity of buildings, and often as a result, regular maintenance requirements. There are also stringent legal requirements in terms of fire equipment, all of which have to be regularly checked.

“SmartSURE’s task manager enables us to systematically schedule repairs of our physical assets, plan day-to-day maintenance activities and plant operations, and keep a detailed register of all activities over time.”  The system’s feature-rich task manager raises all preventative and corrective actions arising from an investigation as formal tasks, allocates each to specific personnel, and tracks and monitors them to ensure they are completed. Overdue tasks can then be escalated as required.

The SmartSURE server is maintained at Heartland’s Umbogintwini site, and the system is accessed in Modderfontein using Terminal Services on the company’s wide area network (WAN).

“SmartSURE will enable the Modderfontein site to conduct more proactive maintenance procedures and plan safety inspection schedules to ensure more consistent maintenance and the eradication of service backlogs,” says Scott Bredin, product manager at ApplyIT.