In the current global economy, more and more companies are investing in integrated end-to-end business applications to manage and support operations and improve business performance. Investments in leading enterprise systems like SAP provide integrated financial, human capital management (HCM) and other business applications to standardise and streamline business processes, improve visibility of enterprise data and drive continuous improvement.

Adapt IT is an accredited SAP Service Partner in the field of HCM (Special Expertise Partner) and is a certified BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Partner of SAP AG, Germany. Adapt IT is also a SAP Extended Partner Member (EPM) and a SAP Best Practices Partner.

With over a decade of experience we provide business solutions, primarily in the area of HCM, backed by a team of experts to ensure that you get a meaningful return from your investment in SAP.  

Customer Benefits
Better staff and HR processes
Accredited Support
Full service offering
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