Adapt IT Education has a rich history spanning 33 years in offering a comprehensive administrative ERP software solution for the Higher Education (HE) and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sectors to 60 institutions worldwide and 200 institutions worldwide respectively, using all its education Student Management offerings. The division has an in-depth understanding of the intricate and complex challenges faced by these institutions as they prepare students for their future role in society.

Our education sector clients rely on us to solve complex problems which we do by designing, developing, implementing, maintaining and supporting a wide range of software products and services.

Flagship Software

  1. ITS Integrator
  2. ICAS® Software for Public and Private Education
  3. CELCAT Timetabling
  4. Education Best Practice Services
  5. Wisenet
  6. Streamline Expense Management (EM)


  1. ERP support, training and consulting
  2. Implementation, customisation, development and integration
  3. Automated exam and class timetabling
  4. Hosting and Cloud services
  5. Technical installation, consulting and monitoring

Company Experience

  • 33 years of service
  • Used in 12 countries
  • 200 customers worldwide

Key Partnerships

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Product Overview

ITS Integrator

Adapt IT offers a comprehensive administrative Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution, ITS Integrator.

The software fully supports the administrative processes of higher- and further education institutions, including the statutory reporting requirements of the countries in which the system operates. The Adapt IT Education division has an in-depth understanding of the intricate and complex challenges faced by the education sector and utilises this deep industry expertise to design, develop, implement, and maintain a range of software products and services, whilst offering a comprehensive process management service.

  1. Student Management
  2. Financial Management
  3. Human Capital and Resource Management
  4. Timetabling (CELCAT)

3rd Party interfaces:

  1. CaseWare
  2. Payment and banking Interfaces
  3. Communication interfaces
  4. e-Learning

ITS Integrator e-Learning Assessments To access the ITS Integrator 4.1 training content on our e-Learning platform, you need to first register. Please send an email to Edu.Consulting@adaptit.co.za in order to be enrolled for online modules available.

ICAS® Software for Public and Private  Education Sector

ICAS® Integrated Campus Administration System

ICAS® Integrated Campus Administration System, a modular, flexible and integrated holistic campus and student administration system that manages the student’s entire journey – from enquiry and registration, through to graduation and beyond. ICAS® offers a complete campus solution with a modular design that is easy to implement. This optimises workflow and co-operation between your administration, academic, finance and sales functions with one reliable and easy-to-use solution. Each module can be enabled or disabled depending on your institution’s requirements, allowing you to shape and build your own fully integrated education management system.

ICAS® assists with your legislative compliance through the built-in Edu.Dex and EDLES upload functionality.

CELCAT Timetabling

Taking the frustration out of timetabling

CELCAT Timetabler is the complete solution for optimising resource utilisation for both the lecture and exam timetables, timetable publication, ad-hoc room booking and attendance tracking. An interface between CELCAT and ITS Integrator exists to ease the transfer of data between the two systems.

Education Best Practice Services

These best practice services are focused on empowering people with essential skills and relevant knowledge. Besides boosting productivity, basic skills can provide new opportunities for employees to take on greater responsibility to advance within the organisation – and in the broader job market.

SETA accredited programmes are also on offer, which are linked to an approved unit standard measure to enable institutions and companies to claim skills development levies in partnership with Government.

To access the ITS Integrator 4.1 training content on the e-Learning platform, you need to first register. Please send an email to Edu.Consulting@adaptit.co.za in order to be enrolled for online modules available.


Wisenet is the leading provider of Learning Relationship Management Apps to the Education Industry with headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, and other offices in New Zealand and Singapore. With more than 2.5 million students under management across more than 800 companies in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, Wisenet is the trusted provider of easy to use, affordable, secure, integrated and useful business applications.

It offers expertise in the fields of RTO (Registered Training Organisation) Management, Compliance, Web Application Development and IT infrastructure.

As the industry leader, our role is to enable RTOs to:

  1. Grow revenue
  2. Contain costs
  3. Connect with stakeholders
  4. Reduce complexity
  5. Improve compliance with regulations
  6. Improve staff training and retention
  7. Improve productivity

Streamline Expense Management (EM)

Adapt IT’s TEM division focuses on helping customers optimise and understand their expenses, in particular, their technology spend. The division has the ability to source invoice data via direct feeds from most of the major technology providers in South Africa. This gives customers complete control to centrally audit, review and manage their technology vendor and other expense spend, contracts, and services.

Customers have received returns on their investment is excess of 500% based on the results of spend analysis. By enabling them to make informed decisions from a central system of record across all technology services, they improve their cost management, allocations, billing accuracy, and overall accountability.

Streamline EM gives customers and consultants a Cloud environment to analyse technology spend by vendor, service, timeframe and across industry standard cost and expense categories.

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