A leader in specialised software and digitally-led business solutions

Turnover increased by 4% to R667 million

Wisenet joins the Adapt IT team

A provider of leading specialised software and digitally-led business solutions that assist clients across targeted industries to Achieve more by:


Improving clients' core business operations

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Improving customers' interface with their clients and uplift their client experience

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Improving clients' administrative and support functions including ERP

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Improving public sector delivery through enterprise asset management, mobile solutions and data analytics

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About Adapt IT


Over the past 20 years, Adapt IT has become a leading provider of specialised software in 53 countries, serving over 10 000 global customers. Its software solutions drive growth and enable customers to Achieve more value in the Education, Manufacturing, Energy, Public Sector, Financial Services, Communications and Hospitality sectors.

“A leader in specialised software and digitally-led business solutions.”


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Adapt IT aims to attract and develop the best talent for the business, stretching people and developing a 'can do' attitude'. Learn more about careers at Adapt IT, and how it helps its people to Achieve more. 

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